• Product 1: Playing with the Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Magic Mermaid Doll is endless fun thanks to the repeatable colour change.
  • Product 1: The Barbie mermaid doll shines in a neon fantasy look. She has a tail fin in many colours, a top with sea accents and wears a tiara in her rainbow hair.
  • Product 1: Simply dip the Barbie doll in warm water and her hair, her top and tail fin immediately change colour. The colours are reminiscent of a rainbow of pretty pastel colours.
  • Product 1: If submerged in ice cold water, it gets its original neon look back. This transformation can be repeated as often as you like.
  • Product 2: Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid dolls are ready for some exciting playtime fun!
  • Product 2: This Barbie mermaid doll looks brilliant in her colourful top and shimmering tail fin with magical details.
  • Product 2: The glowing tiara in her long hair adds some extra colour.
  • Product 2: The Barbie mermaid doll moves at the waist, so children can make her swim or sit down to soak up some sun.


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