• POWERED BY NERF: At “4 wins battle”, the classic 4 wins the action of Nerf when it comes to shooting the discs out of the grid with the Nerf blasters and darts
  • Whoever puts in a row by firing 4 wins: Attention, done, fire! The exciting battle begins when the players fire at the same time with their Nerf blasters on the discs in the grid wall
  • 4 IN A ROW: A fast-paced game for victory! Each player tries to be the first to bring 4 discs of their own colour into a row
  • Includes Nerf blasters and darts: This 4 wins game contains 2 Nerf blasters and 8 Nerf foam darts. Shoot, reload, continue firing and put the discs back into the charging compartment
  • An exciting game for kids: “4 wins battle” is exciting and fast. Whether teams compete against each other or it provides entertainment on a rainy day, this game is suitable for children

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 6 × 40 × 28 cm


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