Does preparing your baby’s milk with one hand even when you have it in your arms seem unlikely? And yet, with the milk maker Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night it is possible!

The Perfect Prep Day & Night milking machine makes bottle feeding a dream. Prepares the perfect bottle in just two minutes, for stress-free feeding at any time of the day or night. Contains a filter that will last up to three months. Specially designed to make recipe bottles faster and more expensive, preparation gives parents the added peace of knowing that a baby bottle will be perfect every time.

The Perfect Prep Day & Night machine is designed for use with water directly from the tap.

The water passes through a unique antibacterial filter to ensure that the water is clean and safe to make a bottle feed, just like boiling water from the kettle.

Adequate sleep can be a challenge for any parent. Hungry babies do not like to wait for food and will express their feelings in the only way they can. These first breakfasts that you try to keep calm while juggling the baby and bringing the bottle to the perfect temperature can be a real stress test.

Our Perfect Prep machine, day and night, makes bottle feeding a dream, around the clock.
Not only does it prepare the perfect bottle in two minutes, but it is also sleep-friendly with additional features specifically designed to make night feeding much easier. 10 times faster than a kettle

When your baby cries, you need a bottle quickly
With Perfect Prep ™ day & night you no longer wait for the kettle to boil or the water to cool.

Antibacterial filter
Perfect Prep ™ day and night is designed for use with water directly from the tap. The unique filtration membrane removes bacteria and other contaminants that can be found in the water, ensuring that it is clean and safe to feed the bottle, just like boiled water from your kettle.

Body temperature supply
The Perfect Prep ημέ day & night machine delivers an initial “hot shot” of water at 70 ° C that kills any bacteria that may be present in the formula. It also helps in the quick and easy dissolution of the formula. After the “hot shot”, cooler water is dispensed to ensure that each bottle is delivered at body temperature – just like breast milk.

Your best friend for nightlife
The soft glow tank lights tell you if your tank needs refilling, there is adjustable volume for quiet alerts and there are easy-to-use bottle-hold lights so you can prepare your food in the dark!

• In just 2 minutes your bottle is fully prepared in the perfect quantity and temperature
• Silently prepares the bottle with volume control
• Our bright night light shines softly making the night supplies clean and simple
• The clean, easy-to-use digital display makes baby bottle preparation as smooth as your baby bum
The Perfect Prep day & night machine works with most bottles and formula brands
The Perfect Prep  day & night machine comes with 1 x antibacterial filter, 1 x 150ml 0m + bottle with slow flow nipple and 1 x milk storage cap


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